Top Tips for Safe and Easy Deck Cleaning

Top Tips for Safe and Easy Deck Cleaning

Deck cleaning is an important process if you want to keep your deck looking great. However, deck cleaning can be a time-consuming and difficult task for even the most seasoned deck cleaner. There are many ways that deck owners can tackle deck cleaning which includes power washing, pressure washing, or using a deck broom and water. If you’re going to do it yourself, there are some tips that will make the job easier!

You need to be sure of the deck cleaning safety before you start. You will need to use deck cleaning tools only for deck surfaces (or other materials) and never for any other purpose, such as painting or washing windows.

Deck cleaner should be used in well-ventilated areas with proper protection – like goggles, gloves, long sleeves shirts, and pants.

Make sure that the material you’re going to use as a deck cleaner is deck-friendly. This means to use a deck cleaner that is safe for deck surfaces, not just any old deck surface cleaner.

What Is Deck Cleaning & How To Do It?

Deck cleaning means cleaning decking surfaces like wooden decks and deck railings. There are many deck cleaning tools available at the hardware store to help you do this without any problems, or just some soap `and water. If you’re going to do it yourself.

It can be done with a deck cleaner. Deck cleaners are specifically designed for deck surfaces and typically carry a deck-friendly label, meaning they’re non-toxic to decking materials like wood or aluminum.

What Kind of Deck Cleaner to Use?

To be really sure of what deck cleaning solution to use, you can go deck-specific. But there are deck cleaners and or a cleaning solution that is safe for all types of deck surfaces and decks as well.

You may also want to consider what type of deck or wood finish your wood deck has–acrylic sealant, oiled lumber, polyurethane varnish –so that your deck doesn’t get ruined with a strong cleaner chemical like oxygen bleach. Clean your deck so that all the dirt and grime that is stuck there is cleaned.

Top Tips for Deck Cleaning

Let’s dive right into it, it is imperative that you know this stuff before jumping head first into cleaning your deck.

Remove All Furniture & Outdoor Cushions from The Deck

Before you start cleaning your deck, you need to get prepared, make sure that the deck is completely empty before you start to clean it.

If people are using your deck with furniture and cushions on, then those items should be removed so they don’t get damaged by any deck cleaning chemicals or water used for washing. It’s also important to remember that if there’s a pet door through which anything might slip inside the house.

Use a Power Washer to Clean Away Dirt, Grime, & Mold

The deck is usually the first part of your house to get dirty, and it’s also one of the most annoying parts to clean. A power washer will help you do a deep cleaning job with ease, so be sure that you have access to this item before beginning deck washing.

Don’t use a pressure washer on decks made out of softer materials like PVC. It will leave a mark for sure. Hire a professional deck cleaner if you really don’t want to take any chances.

Apply an Exterior Wood Cleaner or Oil

Once deck boards are clean, apply an exterior wood cleaner or oil to give your deck a fresh new look. If the deck is made out of wood, you can also use a deck sealant that will protect it from weather damage and the elements. Mold and mildew will not come as soon as they did before.

Clean the Rails with Soap before Using Exterior Sealant or Stain

The deck railing and soffits should be cleaned with soap and water before applying any exterior sealant or stain. Doing this will make sure that the deck is free of dirt, dust, grease, mildew & mold spores which can cause discoloration in some types of finishes.

You’ll also want to clean your porch flooring if the surface has too many stains. Wood decks need to be taken care of so they can last for years.

Replace Broken Railing Spindles If Needed

If deck railing spindles are broken or missing, it is important to replace them promptly. This will help prevent people from falling off the deck if they’re leaning on a post that breaks below their weight. Be sure to get deck design permission before installing new parts onto your deck. You don’t want anyone getting hurt!

Take Special Care Of a Wood Deck

You should take special care of decking that is made from wood. It’s important to keep your deck clean and free of dirt, dust, grease, mildew & mold spores which can cause discoloration in some types of finishes.


Dealing with dirty decks is a common problem that many homeowners face. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to clean your deck without any heavy lifting or expensive equipment. You can either purchase specialized cleaning tools for the job from your local hardware store, focus on soap and water (which is often enough) or you can contact Chris’s Pressure Washing for professional deck cleaners to handle it all!

Whatever option suits you best, our team of experts will make sure your home has its most beautiful outdoor space yet in no time at all. If this sounds like something you may need help with, give us a call today to get started!

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