Concrete Cleaning, Johnson City, TN

The concrete surrounding your house or business is one of the most overlooked and unclean surfaces. Yet it’s the first thing most people notice when they approach your store or home.

Although they don’t require too much maintenance, concrete surfaces become incredibly dirty over time. First impressions mean everything, so it’s essential to keep your concrete clean and looking fresh, inviting, and safe.

At Chris’s Pressure Washing, our residential and commercial concrete cleaning services will remove all stubborn stains such as:

● Oil stains
● Grease
● Algae
● Gum
● Rust
● Dirt

Our array of surface cleaning pressure washers mean we have the right tool for your specific needs. No matter the job’s size, our specialty tools will have your concrete looking brand-new in no time. Call Chris’s Pressure Washing at (423) 384-0704 for professional and affordable concrete cleaning in Johnson City, TN and the surrounding Tri-Cities area.

Concrete Cleaning in Johnson City, TN

We take pride in keeping our city streets and surfaces clean, so if you’re located in Johnson City, TN or Bristol, Kingston, Elizabethton, or nearby, we would love to work on your property. With hot, humid summers and cold, wet winters, it’s only a matter of time before your concrete becomes filthy with dried stains that are stubborn to remove.

Typical wand pressure washers you can purchase locally don’t get the job done like our specialty surface pressure washers. Wand washers are also slow and can leave lines that are unlike the fantastic results of professional-grade equipment. At Chris’s Pressure Washing, the tools are handled by professionals with experience tackling the most challenging jobs every day.

Our pressure washers are perfect for cleaning hard horizontal surfaces. The spray pattern is consistent and evenly dispersed at the right amount of pressure and distance to provide the most effective cleaning power. The surface cleaner leaves evenly cleaned concrete that looks brand-new when done.

For tough stains, we pretreat the surface using an environmentally friendly detergent that allows for a deeper clean. We also deploy an industrial strength degreaser for tough oil and grease stains in garages and parking lots.

You can count on us to provide a deep cleaning that will have your concrete looking new in no time at all. Our equipment is designed to clean efficiently, quickly, and evenly and we guarantee your satisfaction.

We efficiently clean all types of surfaces, such as:

● Sidewalks
● Driveways
● Parking lots and garages
● Patios
● Storefronts

We also take care when cleaning pavers and other intricate stonework. We understand pavers, masonry, and brick surfaces are unique and delicate, and our equipment can clean in hard-to-reach places while being careful not to damage the beautiful craftsmanship. All concrete and stone surfaces are porous and need different types of spray patterns, temperatures, and sometimes chemicals to get the job done correctly.

Chris’s Pressure Washing has the right tools for the job every time. We also offer concrete sealing for surfaces that haven’t aged well and need a touch-up before more cracks and crevices appear.

Why Hire Professional Concrete Cleaning in Johnson City, TN?

The benefits of hiring a professional to handle concrete cleaning are evident when you look at our past results. At Chris’s Pressure Washing, we use only the best tools, pressure washers, cleaning formulas, and techniques to get the job done the first time efficiently.

When you hire us to clean your concrete surfaces, our services will:

● Improve your property’s curb appeal: First impressions mean everything, especially for a business. Having oil stains or a heavy layer of dirt and grime doesn’t help promote a good image. In some cases, oil stains and smudges can even be dangerous for pedestrians, so it’s important to keep surfaces clean and safe.

● Provide quick results: Many property improvement projects require planning and execution that take time and resources to provide results. Concrete pressure washing is a fast and affordable way to produce outstanding results on your property without having to break the bank or spend a lot of time managing the project. It’s a simple job that visually makes a big difference to your property or business and is completed in very little time without much interference to your day.

Chris’s Pressure Washing provides professional pressure washing services for commercial properties in the Tennessee Area. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right we also offer many services like professional window cleaning, Commercial cleaning services, Residential cleaning services, Leaf removal gutter cleaning, Low-pressure house cleaning, Roof cleaning services, Professional window cleaning, Rust stain and graffiti removal, Concrete cleaning, Deck fence cleaning restoration, and driveway sealing. Contact us today for a free quote. Give us a call today at (423) 384-0704 or email us at for a top-notch concrete cleaning maintenance job.

Get Concrete Cleaning At Chris’s Pressure Washing

At Chris’s Pressure Washing, we offer complete concrete cleaning. Our team of experienced cleaners has years and years of experience when it comes to cleaning concrete surfaces. Hence, if you are near White Rock, Greenwood Baptist Church, and surrounding areas, you can reach out to us for a quality pressure washing service for concrete and other surfaces.

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