Know the Difference Between Pressure Washing and Power Washing

Know the Difference Between Pressure Washing and Power Washing

You often come across the need for a good cleaning of your driveway, roof, or windows. If you ask the internet about the best ways to wash any of these, you will be introduced to pressure and power washing equipment. We use these methods to thoroughly clean surfaces. But what is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

Both, pressure washing and power washing, are somewhat the same thing. The key difference between them is of the temperature of the water. In pressure washing, high-pressure unheated tap water is used whereas, a power washer uses high-pressure heated water. Some surfaces demand a much more elaborate cleaning because of stains that are so deeply absorbed. For such conditions we use a power washer so we can apply hot water aiming to disolve the stains and eventually have them removed.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure Wash is done using an ultra-high pressure water pump which removes all debris. A smaller stream without any constriction could easily remove stains and also water plants. Contrary to power washers, pressure washers use unheated water pressure for cleaning. This does not increase heat. Certain attachments allow cleaners to add a solution of detergents into the mixer and conduct the cleaning business. Pressure Washer is generally used for small patio, deck, or driveway areas Use for softer surfaces, like wood decks, siding, and tiled areas

What is Power Washing?

Power washers (sometimes called hot water pressure washers) are somewhat  like pressure washers; they offer a variety of cleaning services. In some ways, a power washer can function similarly to pressure washers. The biggest difference, however, lies in the temperature of the water in the systems. The internal heated element allows the air to warm to a temperature to absorb dirt & grease.

According to machine temperatures, water temperature will vary. This professional piece of equipment can heat the water as hot as 300C. It can remove any material from any surface by mixing heat with pressure. The dirt and oil stains sitting on your car porch stand no chance against this machinery!

Power Washing Vs Pressure Washing

Yes, although it may seem strange. This is because pressure washers use hot water, while electric pressure washing machines do not. Hot water helps in making the cleanup of hard mud and grime much simpler. It also allows you to limit the usage of detergents from washing machines because that is no longer necessary. There is one key element that differentiates a power washer from a pressure washer and that is a heating element

It is preferable to wash heavily soiled surfaces with warm water, primarily concrete or cement. This can be helpful for you when choosing between putting pressure on or removing power wash products.

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

As with most cleaning tasks pressure washing and power washing is based on the size of your property. The costs are generated according to the square footage of your residence. A typical project is estimated around $300, but could be over $600. Usually the cleaning service will only charge an hourly fee. The size of the jobs, the number of tools needed and insurance are factors in this baseline rate. Power Wash is often considered ‘the best solution’ in its availability because the warm waters help in the better sanitization of surfaces.

Which Should You Get?

It will depend upon what type of cleaning material you want. If you want to get rid of dirt from your house then you’re going to need a power wash. If you are uncertain about how you will clean, you should use pressure washers. Usually, homeowners have a pressure washer that provides good performance and reliability. The power washer is more powerful and allows for better cleaning materials. Similarly, you can choose a commercial washing machine with an electric power washer.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is usually a better choice for washing homes as they have less chance of damage. A washer that uses high-pressure water enables quick retraction and reversibility of the fragile side panel which means pressure-washing is not preferred.

So if you are confused about which one to get, you should identify your requirements. If you often find your driveway needing cleaning, then a pressure washer would be the right buy. Similarly, some commercial projects like a car oil change facility will require a power washer to remove the excessive oil and dirt from the ground.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Either

The major consideration when buying the washer is generally the same because they all have the same functions. What factors should be included in choosing a pressure washer?

Horsepower (HP)

The horsepower shows you what amount of pressure your washing machine is capable of generating at one time. The larger the motor, the stronger your washer becomes. See how much horsepower is required in a washing machine that can be cleaned properly.

Pounds per square inch (PSI)

Weight per square inch of a metric pound per cubic inch is, however, more crucial than horsepower. This score shows how much pressure can be obtained per inch. The rating reflects the actual cleaning power of your pressure washer. Its PSI rating increases as well as reduces power consumption.


Aside from ratings, it’s also advisable to examine the durability of your model. The power washer is also an excellent cost. Make a good buying decision and get something that lasts a long time.

Cleaning Power Units (CPUs)

The washers power unit is used to measure how clean they are. These ratings are determined by multiplying GPMs with PSI’s. The higher the rating, the better the washer cleans.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

Gallons per minute is the water density in the model’s tank. This is how much water leaves your pressure washer each minute.

Choose Your Machine Based on the Job

The difference between power washing and pressure washing can be easily understood and used in any home. When you are looking for machines to be cleaned daily in the household you have to choose pressure washing. These are less difficult to maintain and are able to operate on concrete bricks and stone structures.

In other words, you can wash your deck with hot water using pressure washing. These large jobs such as commercial buildings and extra-long driveways often require power washing equipment. Warm water helps tackle those challenging tasks faster when hot water removes all the debris.

Is Pressure Washing Better than Power Washing?

The best tool will depend entirely on the purpose of the tool used. Power washers are recommended for heavy-duty or commercial tasks, particularly when grease, grime, mold, or mildew is present. Heat is very efficient and cleans up concrete surfaces very rapidly. You can save time as an employee.

Power washing machines can be used in residential homes. We’re not suggesting this inside the home of course. Press washers can be used to clean your home exterior. They come with different PSIs so you can pick the right one for your surface. Pressure washing is also cheaper too.

Which Type of Cleaning is Better for My Home?

This varies depending on homes. It’s not necessary in most cases for homes over 2500 square feet to have vinyl siding and a colonial two-story structure. It is the most convenient way to wash the vinyl material as it can cause a significant reduction in damage. In this case, soaps and detergents prove more important to the cleaning process than pressure.

In addition, high moisture pressure could penetrate vinyl and aluminum siding and reduce the aesthetic value. Soft washes can preserve your home appeal while minimizing dust particles.

Do Pressure Washers use Less Water?

High-pressure washing does not consume much water unlike traditional washing machines because the pressure of water is increased when the water is heated up. Many high-pressure washers use 3 gallons per minute, reaching up to 10 yards per minute. Softwashing units begin at 10 gallons but reach 30 – 40 yards each minute.


To conclude, we can say that both cleaning services work at the same level. Both use highly compressed water to clear dirt and dust particles off your surface. Depending on the type of waste you’ve removed it’s possible to use either the powered washing machine or a pressurized wash machine. This will give you an accurate and effective method for cleaning any surface.

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