Pressure Washing a Wood Deck

Pressure Washing a Wood Deck

Wood decks are a popular way to spruce up the look of your home, but they can be difficult to clean. A deck needs more care than a typical concrete surface because water and dirt can cause rot in the wood over time. Pressure washing is one method that homeowners use for cleaning their wood deck. With this blog post, we’ll teach you how to pressure wash your wood deck with minimal effort!

Pressure Washing a Wood Deck: What you need

– A pressure washer (good for wood, concrete, and brick)  

– An extension cord or an outdoor power outlet. 

– Protective eyewear.

– Rubber gloves (optional).

– Clean water in a bucket to mix with cleaning detergent; use about three parts water to one part cleaning detergent.

– A deck brush, a flat broom, or stiff scrubber with a long handle and nylon bristles.  – An old rag for drying boards after they have been washed and rinsed.

Steps to Pressure Washing Your Wood Deck

Step One: Pick up any debris from your deck.

Step Two: Pour the cleaning solution into your bucket and mix with water until it has a thin consistency that will not drip off of the deck boards when you are applying it to them.

Step Three: Connect your pressure washer’s garden hose attachment, or attach your nozzle directly onto its surface, then turn on high-pressure water.

Step Four: Use the deck brush to scrub off any dirt on your deck boards, and then use a flat broom or stiff scrubber with a long handle and nylon bristles to sweep away any debris that didn’t get picked up in step one.

Step Five: Fill up your bucket with water mixed with cleaning solution again and pour it over your deck boards.

Step Six: Using a rag, dry the deck boards after washing and rinsing them with clean water until they are bone-dry.

Things To Look Out For

You need to use safety precautions when power washing your deck. Use protective eyewear, rubber gloves, and an old rag to wipe off any excess water from the wood boards after you have finished cleaning them with a garden hose or nozzle attachment on a power washer. However, Hiring a professional for the job is always a good option.

– Stay as far away from the edge of your deck boards and other areas where water can drip off of them to prevent washing the dirt back into those spaces.

– If you’re using a pressure washer, be sure that it is not too powerful so you don’t damage your wood surfaces by blasting them with hot water!

Aftercare Tips

Wood decks should usually be pressure washed every two weeks or so to avoid dirt buildup on these surfaces. If you are going to let your deck dry for a few days before pressure washing, make sure that the boards have been sealed with wood stain or treated lumber sealant. You can also use roofing felt underlayment to cover the boards after they have been pressure washed.

Check that your deck has been sealed with wood stain or treated lumber sealant before you let it dry for two days. If not, apply these treatments as soon as possible!

When finished cleaning your deck with water mixed in a bucket with cleaning detergent, you should always use a washcloth or old rag to wipe off any excess water from the wood boards. This will prevent washing dirt back into those spaces because it is important not to leave your deck wet as this can cause rot and mold growth on these surfaces.


Washing your wood deck with a pressure washer is an easy way to keep these surfaces clean and healthy! But you need to take care of certain things as mentioned above to prevent any damage to the wood boards.

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