9 Top Power Washing Tips: How to Save Time and Money

9 Top Power Washing Tips: How to Save Time and Money

As the weather starts to get warmer, it is time for a lot of homeowners to start thinking about power washing their homes. There are many benefits that come with power washing your home. Not only does it remove dirt and grime from the surface, but it also removes mold and mildew and restores your siding to its natural color. This blog post will discuss 10 tips on how you can save money by doing this project yourself!

Tip #1: Use the right equipment

Equipment is essential to do a good power washing and pressure washing job. There are many different types of washers on the market, and you need to know what type you will want in order for your home has all its needs met. If you have vinyl siding then an alkaline cleaner might be best because it can remove dirt and grime and prevent rusting. If you have wood siding then a soap-based cleaner should be used because it can remove dirt and mold, but not rust the surface.

Tip #2: Save money on detergent

One thing that many homeowners do is buy more than they need to when pressure washing their homes. Buying too much detergent can cost you a lot of money. If you are not sure how much to buy, then it is best to overestimate the amount by 25%.

Tip #3: Watch out for pets and other animals

If there are any cats or dogs on your property, be aware that they might start running around as soon as the power washer starts. Pets and other animals are not fond of the sound or sight of a power washer, so it’s best to be careful when they’re around.

Tip #4: Change water often

It is important to change the water in your machine frequently because mixing cold with hot can reduce the effectiveness of detergent. If you use hot water, then the heat can start to break down the detergent and make it less effective.

Tip #5: Watch out for power lines or other objects

One of the more important things you need to be aware of is that a power washer moves at high speeds so if there are any nearby power lines or anything else that might get in the way, make sure you do not hit it.

Tip #6: Be careful of drains and gutters

If there are any nearby drains or gutters, drains or gutters then be aware that if they’re clogged with debris, your power washer might start to push water back in those areas which can cause them to overflow. If this happens, then you need to get a plumber out as soon as possible.

Tip #7: Watch out for slippery surfaces

It is important that when power washing your home, you are mindful of anything outside where the water can make it slippery such as walkways and decks. If this happens then it might be best to move these areas until after all the power washing is done.

Tip #8: Clean pressure washer tanks regularly

Pressure washers will leak over time, and it’s important that you do not let the water sit there for too long before changing because this can cause mold to grow. If your tank has a drain plug then make sure you remove it as often as possible so that the water can drain.

Tip #9: Take precautions to protect your plants and lawn

Be careful not to spray anything on nearby plants or grass because it can damage them, so keep this in mind when power washing near these areas. If you are worried about any type of plant life then cover with a tarp before starting!


We hope you found these tips helpful and that they will help save you time, money, and stress when power washing your home this year. You can really change the look and feel of your home with a power washing job, so do it this year!

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