Universal at Mockingbird Lane , the gothic-style house inhabited by television’s most famous monsters, was every bit as creepy and mysterious as its inhabitants. The exterior of the house had a brick façade with a large, spooky window and an iron gate leading to the front entrance. Inside, it was filled with dark corners and secret passages that hinted at the supernatural and unexplained. The living room featured a mahogany bar and several library shelves containing ancient tomes of knowledge, while the kitchen was equipped with an array of strange devices used in potions and experiments. In the basement, a secret alchemist’s laboratory held all sorts of magical ingredients for brewing up bizarre concoctions. Many rooms in the house were decorated with items from around the world, including exotic plants and artifacts. Everywhere you looked there was something strange and mysterious. View more about Johnson City.

The inhabitants of Mockingbird Lane lived their lives as normal members of society, but always maintained a sense of mystery about them. They kept to themselves, rarely interacting with outsiders and often speaking in hushed tones. Although the monsters kept their monstrous nature hidden, they were always on guard, ready to protect themselves and their home from any danger. They also had a fondness for playing pranks and scaring visitors foolish enough to enter the house after dark. Click here to know more.