Things to Consider when Pressure Washing Your Home

Things to Consider when Pressure Washing Your Home

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is a method for cleaning the exterior of your home. The team of Pressure washers visits your home and removes dirt, grime, mold, and other stains from different surfaces using high-pressure water jets. Let’s talk about things to consider when pressure washing your home.


Safety As The Key Priority

Before you begin pressure washing, always prioritize safety measures. It is recommended to wear protective gear such as safety gloves, goggles, and closed-toe shoes to protect yourself from debris, chemical cleaners, and other harmful materials that may cause injury to your body or skin. 

Avoid electrical outlets, fixtures, and surfaces that could damage. Hire a professional pressure cleaning company to know all the safety and security standards. Wait until you have proper training.


Select the Right Pressure Washer

Selecting the appropriate power washer is the key to cleaning your house. Consider the size and area of your home and the cleaning tasks. An electric pressure washer with a pressure range of 1300 to 2000 PSI should be sufficient for small properties. 

A gas-powered pressure washer with a higher PSI rating is necessary for larger homes. So know your requirements in advance and use the proper pressure washers for the best results.


Adjusting The Right Water Pressure

Adjusting the water pressure according to the surface you are cleaning is very important because if the pressure is not changed, it may cause damage to the surface and you. Soft and delicate surfaces like wood and siding require a lower water pressure, while hard surfaces like concrete or brick may tolerate higher water pressure. 

Therefore Always start with a lower pressure setting and gradually increase it if needed. This will ensure no damage to your home or valuable things around you.


Assess The Surface Condition

It is always recommended to Inspect the surface you are planning to power wash for any signs of damage, which includes loose or chipped paint or cracks. Always Avoid pressure washing such areas as it can cause more damage. 

Know whether your home was built before 1978, as it may contain lead paint, which requires different handling while power washing. This information will save you time and money; otherwise, it may cause more damage to your property.


Clear The Area

Before starting the pressure washing process, removing loose debris, plants, vine, or furniture from the area is suggested. You can also cover delicate plants with plastic to protect them from water pressure and the cleaning solution inside that water. 

Before you start power cleaning, close all the windows and doors tightly. This will prevent water seepage into your home’s interior, which can cause severe damage to the valuable things inside your home. Therefore make sure that the area is clear and that there is potential risk left.


Use Cleaning Solutions Wisely

For stubborn stains, always use a mild cleaning solution. However, be careful when selecting and applying cleaning agents, and check the cleaning solution manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the solution is suitable for the surface you’re cleaning. It is recommended to test the solution on a small area first to avoid potential discoloration or damage.

This testing will eliminate potential risks. Save the cleaning solutions and use them according to instructions. Using an extra cleaning solution can cause damage to the surfaces. Hire professional help if you need clarification about mixing cleaning solutions.


Pressure Washer Nozzles & Extension Wand

Pressure washers have different sizes and types of nozzle tips that affect the spray pattern and water pressure. Always use a wider spray angle for delicate surfaces and a narrower angle for hard surfaces. The nozzle types used are different for mild to tough strains, so use them accordingly to avoid any damage and get the best cleaning results. 

Extension wands can also help reach high or difficult-to-access areas. Thus, you maintain a safe distance from the cleaning surface and get the best results. Suggest the pressure cleaning professionals about the nozzle’s size and type and the extension wands. This will save you time and money.


Maintain a Proper Distance

For good cleaning results, professionals always suggest maintaining a safe distance between the pressure washer nozzle and the cleaned surface. Holding the nozzle too close can cause damage, while holding it too far will reduce cleaning efficiency, so understand the proper distance between them. 

Generally, it is recommended to maintain a distance of 6-12 inches from the surface and adjust as needed based on the power of the pressure washer and the surface. Maintaining proper distance will decrease the cleaning time as well.


Understanding Pressure Washing Tips For Home Cleaning

When learning how to pressure wash your home, it’s essential to understand the role of water pressure and the washing equipment used. The pressure washer, powered by a garden hose, utilizes the force of water measured in pounds per square inch, also written as PSI, to clean dirty surfaces effectively. The square inch measurement refers to the area covered by the water, determining the intensity of the cleaning process.

Regarding pressure washing your home’s exterior, following pressure washing tips can make a clear difference in achieving the best results. Firstly, carefully analyze the condition of the surfaces you plan to clean and identify any delicate areas or damage. 


Things to Consider When Pressure Washing Your Home

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