Is Your Roof Prepared for Winter?

Is Your Roof Prepared for Winter?

Every year there should always be a checklist that we need to prepare for the changing season. From furniture moving indoors to garden equipment, there’s much involved in preparation for winter. When we don’t take precautions to protect our roofs, we will have to face the cold. One of the areas you probably hadn’t looked into before is your roof. So, is your roof prepared for winter?

Each season brings some damage to your roofing. Summer can scorch shingles in extreme temperatures and autumn/spring rains may prove difficult. Winter is an issue that your roof faces year-round. Do roofs need maintenance? Is your Roof getting the right maintenance?

Fall Repairs and Replacements

If you had fallen roof inspections, your roof might need repair. The sealant of your shingles will suffer from cold conditions. If you’re having shingles replaced or repaired during the autumn, you should ask the roofing contractor how the shingles should be soaked and sealed properly.

The next step is to follow the advice given on how a roof can be replaced. In some cases, the problem that damaged the old roof might require a replacement shingle that could better withstand the temperature of the building.

Prune and Remove Hanging Branches

Despite providing sun protection in the summer, it can damage your roofing during the winter with stormy winds. Branches will damage roof tiles when struck by impact. Tree branches and leaves can be dropped on roofs and create molds and mildew.

If your tree is not growing properly, consult your tree care professional. Professional tree-cutting experts who are knowledgeable about your local tree-cutting laws and can help you protect your home. In general, it is possible to cut any branch that hangs from a roof. Depending on how much of the wood is cut up, it is possible that if there’s a problem you can cut the whole tree off entirely.

Check Your Roof Valleys

A roof valley is a low spot on your roof where you have 2 sections that intersect. Often the pieces are wrapped with V-like sheets of steel. The valley in a roof is susceptible to leakages. Take extra caution when dumping any debris from roof vents. The main function of gutters is to lead the rainwater and later the melted snow down and away from your roof and your home. When that function is somehow prevented or stopped, you could be facing some serious problems and damages.

Check your roofing surfaces. If the roof valley is built up of metal, it will rust or become corrosive unless they are exposed. Almost every valley has leaves that hold water, which can cause mold growth. Roof valley repairs are fairly common; you might consider doing patch repairs if the rust is excessive. When inspecting your roof valleys, check for gaps in the roof to prevent leaks.

Before Winter Roof Inspection

Some do not want to have leaky roofs but few are conscious of their need to avoid them through regular roof inspections. It’s wise for roof inspections to take place at the beginning of spring to determine the problem and have it repaired before the rainy season arrives. If you don’t take care of problems with your roof before the cold weather arrives, those issues can worsen over time, creating an even more expensive roofing headache in the spring.

A winter roof check can be also beneficial in finding the small problems which can cause leakages if left unchecked. Regular roof repairs may reduce your roof replacement cost. Why are roofs inspected during the fall? Roofers are usually less busy in the summer as the roofing and roof repairs are handled all summer long. Neglecting a fairly simple roof repair such as replacing a few shingles can lead to roof leaks, damages, or even a complete roof replacement in the future.

Remove Built-up Debris, Dirt, and Leaves

Eventually, roof surfaces collect dirt or other materials. This debris retains moisture and may clog gutters and grow mold. Clean debris from roofs encourages sanitizing and prevents rust and is a good solution.

In the fall it may also be helpful to prevent debris build-up with a gutter screen or security screen. It would be wise to clean the roof once every four years to prevent damage. Keep gloves on your roof to remove dirt from the ridge. A professional roofer can determine whether a roof is damaged and determine how to correct the damage.

Examine Your Shingles

After cleaning the roof you can see the condition. Immediately before going out, check the shingles on your roof. It is also important to examine the area around your roof which is prone to leakages, such as chimneys, windows, and doors. Call for a roofing professional to inspect your roof for any roof damage like cracked, frayed, curled, and missing shingles. They have the appropriate tools and expertise to do the assessment and if required, repair or replace your roof.

Usually, a cracked roof is replaced by the roof itself. During autumn securing an inspection on the roof will help prevent the onset of snow and ice from falling. They can inspect and repair damaged roof components. Our roofing professionals recommend yearly inspections for roof damage.

Inspect Your Attic

When a roof leaks or breaks, you should inspect the inside of that house for any damage. Inspect the attic by identifying any moisture leakages. Find out what signs are present in the attic of the home if moisture damage occurs. You might not think of airflow affecting the health of your roof, but it’s incredibly important for your home. In the heat of summer, proper roof ventilation helps avoid damage to your roof from the buildup of heat. In the winter months, poor attic ventilation can lead to a buildup of moisture

Any wild animal could hide under the walls in an attic if the roof is splintered. Check your roof for rust, broken glass, or any debris that may exist. You can check bushes on your roof that may have allowed animals into your house.

Attic Insulation

When the attic is not properly insulated, or if there is no proper ventilation, the heat from your home will seep out and the cold air will come in. This will increase your heating needs, as well as your energy waste and utility bills.

Consider installing a vent in your basement. Check your attic insulation and replace or add extra insulation if it looks crumbly or frayed. If you see bald patches, make sure to cover them up and install new insulation

Inspect Your Gutters

Gutters are a vital feature in the roof of your home, so your roof is a great investment in your home. Clog gills and debris accumulations may result in numerous problems throughout the year, particularly during cold winters.

Guttering is a mechanism to move rainfall and snow away from a roof to a house. If you stop using such functions you may have severe damage and problems. A pool of water may result in a subsequent leak or water damage in the interior of your property.

Clean Your Gutters

The gutters of your house protect you against water damage. Gutters reduce the flow of water during storms to help prevent it from entering the foundation of the residence. As temperatures drop, the water can turn to ice or form snow when the gutter is soiled.

During fall leaf accumulation is possible in gutters. A flooded roof, siding, or trim will damage your house. Your gutter could be falling apart if you’re collecting water. You can also begin your spring cleaning in winter. If your rain gutters are backed up with debris, it can lead to serious damage to your roof. This includes ice dams, which can occur when ice builds up from the gutters and up the roof.


To conclude, preparing your roof for the winter season is extremely important. There can be a lot of hardships if your house’s roof isn’t prepared for the winter. The roof of your house is a highly important part and needs to have the appropriate amount of insulation and maintenance to ensure it does all its functions properly.

Chris’s Pressure Washing services include cleaning roofs and repairing anything that is broken or needs maintenance. The reason why many people face hardships in the winter is that they don’t conduct proper maintenance before the approaching season. We provide proper winterization for your house roofs which includes fixing gutters, insulating the attic, checking for any leakages in the windows, etc. Contact us today and book an appointment!

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