Increase Your Property’s Value By Opting For Roof Cleaning Services

Increase Your Property’s Value By Opting For Roof Cleaning Services

Using the right professional roof cleaning service can be much easier than just having a clean roof. This offers a range of valuable benefits. There will be many benefits if a roof cleaning company can assist you with this. Contact Chriss Pressure and Beyond Pressure Washing for pressure washing.

Pressure washing your home’s exterior will increase curb appeal. This happens to anyone who wants to increase their home’s look, paint it or sell it. You can schedule a cleaning outside your home as a final step in your selling process. Ask your broker to give you a list for sale that’s a good thing. Most agents include it as the first step on their list in preparation for selling their house.

What Benefits Do You Get?

Prevent Damage

Your roof is exposed to fungi and bacteria that grow underneath. If this contamination gains a foothold then it is very likely it will cause severe damage to shingles and cause the pool to dry out or the pooling of hot water. In addition, the water they absorb may penetrate the roof or damage your entire home. The roof cleaner removes toxins and protects your roof’s integrity. It will also remove harmful stains on roofing tiles and provide extra protection for your roof.

Increases Home’s Curb Appeal

The roof may also have a black streak that darkens as the day goes on. These stains may make your house less attractive which ultimately reduces your value as it deteriorates. In such cases, homeowners can replace their rooftops immediately. There’s a new solution that helps improve roof appearance. Pressure cleaning your roof gives it fresh life, helping you give the entire property an elegant, clean finish.

Prolongs The Life Of Your Roof

Roof cleaning on clean roofs is an excellent way to maintain their condition and prolong the life of their roofs. A clean and healthy home also allows for the identification of minor damages before they develop. A routine pressure washing can prolong a roof’s life by 10 years.

Maintains Roof Functionality

Dark spot stains and other contaminants can compromise roof functionality. The growth of certain species affects the light-reflecting capacity of roofs. The roof absorbs a lot of air thereby raising home cooling expenses. Fortunately, proper roof cleaning will remove these organisms and help owners maintain optimum roof function. Other than that when it rains there won’t be any blockage of water because of that debris. 

Allows prompt repairs

Roof cleaners do much more than just clean the roof. They also have expertise and training in roofing inspections and gutter inspections to check for any potential problems with their systems. Consequently utilizing professional roof cleaners can allow the homeowner to do repairs without further delay. Are you hoping to re-paint your house? Or changing the color of your exterior? The perfect way would be to get the exterior cleaned at first by experts and then, later on, add a layer of paint so it can retain its clean look. Paint also offers protection against strong weather.

Increase the lifespan of your roof

With roof repairs, homeowners can extend roof lifespans. Professional Roof Cleaning also involves using chemical cleaners which help keep the dirt and debris from accumulating.

This way, the homeowner will receive maximum life out of the roof tiles. Professional roof cleaning services can do a job that regular roof cleaning is unable to. It involves gutter cleaning and fixing roof leaks. Having all these things done can enhance the life of your property as well as prevent any blockages. A dirty roof can not be made clean by soft washing. instead, pressure washing has to be opted for which only professionals at roof cleaning companies offer.

Roof Cleaning Costs

Factors in Calculating Roof Cleaning Costs

The average annual clean of the roofs in the U.S. is 433. These costs may however vary based on several different things. Generally, a nationwide average price involves a clean-up of all the surface areas of a roof and a thorough cleaning of any damaged areas. If you have a very steep pitch on your roof cleaning workers are likely required to work carefully and slowly to clean it which increases the time required to complete the job.

Additional Costs & Considerations

Oftentimes, if roofs have not been properly cleaned they aren’t advisable. For example, removing a lot of stains caused by Gloeocapsa magma, a type of airborne algae, which darkens a roofing surface, might cause higher prices. This formation occurs generally at the sides of the rooftop that seldom receive sunlight and the problem can even worsen if there is heavy rainfall. Gloeocapsa magma is a bacteria that is prone to form in asphalt roofs because of its appetite for calcium carbonated shingles. This is formed because of standing water on your roof as it oxidizes it by relating oxygen gas. It can have negative effects on people who have health issues like allergies. Hence, if your roof has such bacteria formed on it then there can be additional costs to clean it out. 

Types of Roof Cleaning Methods

Roof cleaning prices may vary by the cleaning method. Roof cleaners are expensive and used in a large variety of different ways. The number of applications can also impact the cost, especially when there are very stubborn stains on the roof. Roof cleaning typically takes only water. Roof cleaning services typically utilize bleach or chemical cleaning products to help clean a roof. Whenever weeds grow around your household, the cleaning crew can remove them or water them thoroughly. 

Low-Pressure Wash

If you’re unsure about a roof cleaning contractor and the cleaning is performed on a low-pressure roof, it’s okay to not worry. It is gentle like soft washing but strong enough for the removal of dirt from stronger roof materials. You can anticipate a cost of between $0 and $170 for this roofing maintenance.


Unless your roof cleaner pressure washes your roof, this may invalidate your roof warranties – especially in case your tile is cracked. A metal roof is capable of a pressure washer, but roof cleaning needs to be wiped with gentle pressure. The method will cost about $0.05 to $0.70 per square foot.

Roof Blows

A roof cleaning service will remove loose tar particles using a blower and then clean the roof using a chemical. The cost per square ft. for cleaning and removing dirt from roof surfaces is expected to be approximately 0.5 – 1.75. The blower removes leaves, twigs, and straws from the roof.

Soft wash

Soft washing uses low-pressure water like garden hoses to clean a roof of dirt, dust, and dirt. It costs between $80 and $70 for an area. Mild cleaning helps prevent damage to shingles.

Cleaning is Cheaper & Less Daunting Than Replacement

Replaced roofs will cost about $55,000-66,000. In addition to being expensive, it can be a complicated task and requires a team of experts in construction and insurance services. The roof cleaning process for your house is also very cheap and will usually last a long time. A professional roof cleaning service is more feasible.


Roofing is susceptible if its internal structure is destroyed by weather, moisture, and leakages resulting in damaged ceilings, walls, floors, and even furniture. Cleaning roofs is an important way to protect the interior properties of homes. Whenever you make up your mind to sell your house, the buyers will be appealed by how your house has been kept. Maintenance is a crucial point and has to be kept under consideration by every house owner as it not only increases the resale value of your property but also enhances the life of your property. So even if you do not want to sell your house and do not have to care about property value, you should consider having your roof cleaned as it can increase your roof’s lifespan.

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